Our services

Professional concrete engineering and renovations throughout Finland, however with emphasis on Southern Finland. You can also hire staff and equipment from us.

On-site casting

We implement on-site casting with strong expertise, in a turnkey manner.


We specialise in large shuttering work. The large shuttering method enables cost efficiency in wide-scale and complex projects. Various light-structured moulds can be used to implement casts for e.g. apartment buildings, air-raid shelters and basement floors.


We install and deliver reinforcement bars to construction sites. We can also successfully complete the implementation of more challenging sites.


We carry out the concreting of foundation, wall and vault precasts as well as other challenging sites. We have the machinery required for the work.


We will prepare a project-specific plan on mould and concrete work for you. The planning will include calculations for the moulds, strength calculations for supports and scaffolding, an implementation plan, including the equipment according to the cycle of the specified project. We observe applicable standards.

Equipment hiring

You can also hire equipment for concrete and frame engineering projects from us.

Renovation work

We implement pipe renovations, apartment renovations, alteration work of commercial spaces as well as lift shafts with expertise and our own equipment.

Staff hiring

We offer skilled staff to assist with your projects.

Bridge Works

Bridge works with expertise.