Suomen Betonipörssi Oy is a professional in concrete engineering and renovations, which started its operations in 2016. We offer our services to construction companies and developers throughout Finland, however with emphasis on Southern Finland.

Reliable partner

We monitor that projects are carried out in the agreed schedules and we observe our obligations. We will definitely provide you with what has been agreed and ordered.

Development and quality

We appreciate skills and therefore also the continuous training and development of our staff. We want to be a strong expert in our industry, we do not shy away from challenges.

Suomen Betonipörssi

The best solutions are created in cooperation!

In the background of Suomen Betonipörssi Oy’s flexible, fast and high quality concrete work, there is experienced staff and carefully selected partners. In cooperation with our customer, we find solutions to even the most difficult problems and the end result always meets the agreed objectives.

We have focused on the construction of reinforced concrete structures in all work stages (mould production, reinforcement, concreting), as well as the installation of concrete structures and concrete casting.

Construction of reinforced concrete structures: 

  • Mould work
  • Reinforcement
  • Concreting
  • Installation of reinforced concrete elements

We have all the permits and qualifications required for the work. 

Our operating principle is based on our calling, vision and values. We aim for long-term success in our industry. In order to achieve results, we create new values for our customers, our company and our employees. We operate in a fair and responsible manner, and this achieve excellent results.


Professional. High-quality builder. 


Suomen Betonipörssi Oy’s objective is to offer its customers flexible and high-quality expertise in the concrete industry, which ensures the long-term satisfaction of customers. 


Our visions include smart solutions, high-quality implementation and the joy of completed work. Our values guide both our employees and partners; our everyday operations are based on them. 


We continuously improve the quality of our services and our customer service, while offering our customers new and innovative construction solutions. The foundation of our success includes our professional employees and the continuous development of our skills. All levels of Suomen Betonipörssi Oy’s operations are systematic. Our company observes legislation, good building practices, approved standards, building standards and regulations, requirements of environmental protection, occupational safety and occupational health, principles of sustainable development, internal occupational safety and quality guidelines as well as ethical values in its operations.